Delivery of the ashes

Please deliver to;

Ashes and Images
Abbey Road,
St Bees,
Cumbria CA27 0EG

The Ashes

We strongly recommend that you send the ashes recorded delivery, Ashes and images are not responsible for the ashes prior to receiving them. When we have received your loved one’s ashes, you are trusting us to look after them in the best way that we can, carry out the relevant processes and safely return the unused ashes to you. Our commitments are as follows;

  1. The ashes are kept in our locked premises at all times.
  2. All processes are carried out at our Willowhayne studios. The ashes are never transferred to any other workshop or organisation.
  3. They are kept in a sealed bag in a container.
  4. They are marked clearly with the order details including the order number, name of deceased and customer’s name.
  5. When pictures are produced, they are made separately from other orders.


Payment for your items due once we have received the ashes and the photograph you wish to be used, prior to us starting the picture. We can accept payment via bank transfer or PayPal. Orders will only be started once we have received cleared payment.

Delivery of your order

Upon receipt of your order, we will send you a confirmation email detailing your order number, the products you have ordered and your expected delivery date. The expected delivery date is a guide only and the actual delivery date may be before or after this date.

Refund Policy

We will email you a picture of how your image will appear, once you have viewed and agreed to the image we will proceed with the order (please note: the image will only be as good as the quality of the image provided).

When the ashes and the image have been received we will proceed with the order (please note: the image will only be as good as the quality of the image provided). Once the process has been started you cannot request a refund. We only offer a refund or replacement if the picture is damaged upon receipt with the exception of the frame, in which case we will replace the frame at no extra cost to yourself.

Terms & Conditions

When we receive your order, we will ship your welcome pack to you. This will include everything you need to send your order to us including a secure bag for the ashes, a self-addressed return envelope and your order form.

Half fill (approximately) the supplied bag and put the bag into the padded envelope provided.

Or, use the Free Ordering Pack form to request a pack in advance. We will require payment before completing the order.

Returns Policy;

You can cancel your order at any time prior to the image being created and receive a full refund. When you receive your picture, in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied, we will do all that we can to rectify the issue.